Elite Gymnast Opening a Studio Here

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Elite gymnast Paul Ruggeri is opening a gymnastics studio at 356 Broadway. We don’t know much about Paul Ruggeri Gymnastics yet, other than it promises “world class gymnastics instruction,” along with “#fitness #handstands #ninja #tumbling #trampoline”—and, lest you think Ruggeri doesn’t know the area, “#tribecamoms.”

According to his Twitter account, Ruggeri is “Former Team USA – 5X NCAA Champ – 4X World Championship Team Member,” and a participant on the upcoming tenth season of the “American Ninja Warrior” TV show (which explains the “#ninja” hashtag).

UPDATE: I heard from Ruggeri. “I’m really going to try to cater towards youth gymnastics classes,” he says. “I think that gymnastics is important for all developing kids and I would like to be bringing a program that would benefit all kids, improving overall strength flexibility and coordination. Young gymnasts always excel in any sport after having a solid background from a gymnastics program. That being said, just because of my age I feel like I will have some adults wanting to take some classes. Certainly I will have tumbling classes for them as well. Probably will offer handstand classes, ninja classes, birthday parties, and summer programs as well!”


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  1. Hi Paul, I hope you get this. Fascinating to see you are opening a gym in Tribeca where I lived for over 10 years and taught adult gymnastics in a studio on Worth Street where the Musawwir Gymnastic Dance Company lived and practiced. Good luck and stay in touch please. Best wishes, Toby