Seen & Heard: Why Mailboxes Are Often Jammed

••• “Do you know when the first phase of construction at Pier 26 will start this summer (and therefore stop the loud public events on the pier)?” asked Brian. A rep for the Hudson River Park Trust said work “will likely start by late summer, depending on successful bids and permits.” When I asked what other events at the pier residents could expect before then—because the one last weekend was loud—I was told: “There’s a 5K NYPD run at the end of May, AVP volleyball weekend of June 11, and a corporate party on July 11.” It seems hard to believe there won’t be more—HRPT could use the money it makes from renting out the pier—but even if there aren’t more events on the pier proper, City Vineyard could get rented out again (and again). P.S. After I wrote this up, the following appeared on the agenda of Community Board 1’s Quality of Life Committee agenda for May 17: “Special Events at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 – Discussion with Tom Lindon, Vice President of Marketing & Events, Hudson River Park Trust.” He’ll give a rundown of what’s still to come and/or he’s been taking to task for Oath’s loud event, pictured below.

••• “I was speaking with a postal worker last week who enlightened me about the mailboxes around here,” reports J. “At least once a week, I find my local mailbox not opening. I’ll walk a few blocks to the next closest one, and sometimes that one is clogged as well. I always thought it was due to a build-up of too much mail. But then last week a mailman open up a clogged mailbox for me. It was empty. Not even enough mail to cover the floor of the mailbox. Apparently, people try and shove packages in the mailbox, but the package gets wedged in the door and the mailbox won’t open. I thought it might be wise to mention this to the community.”

••• Friends of Duane Park commemorates Mother’s Day tomorrow (10 a.m. to noon) with “a celebration of spring, flowers, families, and music. Bring your family. We have plants to pot, apples, cider, and lots of your neighbors. When you are enjoying Mothers’ Day, take a look at (and buy!) our stylish new scrunchable shopping bags (made by Baggu, king of bags), with our brand-new logo. While you’re waiting for the city to screw up its nerve to ban plastic bags you can get a head start, and look chic too.” Also of note from the organization: “Our park has been chosen for Sing For Hope’s Piano Project, which supplies pianos to public schools after they have spent a month in a park, open for all to play during daylight hours in June. Brush up your Mozart.”

••• Here’s the map for Taste of Tribeca 2018 on May 19 (along with what each restaurant is serving, so you can plan ahead). Bought your tickets yet?

••• We can add Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to the list of businesses that don’t take cash.



  1. Well amen to getting information about upcoming events on Pier 26. When they were preparing for the loud and seemingly endless event a few weeks ago, I ask about a dozen people at the site what they were setting up for and when it was going to take place. No one would tell me.

  2. You know who still and mostly use cash? senior citizens and low-income folks. So basically Van Leeuwen is basically saying that Van Leeuwen does not want the business from those groups, thus discriminate against them. Another form of elitism from an elitist dessert store.

  3. Right you are JOR – I will not be giving Van Leeuwen any of my business because of this.

  4. I thought the mailboxes were jammed to prevent thieves from fishing out mail containing checks…They do it in the Bronx!