Seen & Heard: Trader Joe’s Will Have 30 Checkout Lanes

••• The Downtown Alliance released its report about ways to improve the area around the New York Stock Exchange: “While the full report and an explanatory video is available on the Downtown Alliance website, a few of the strategies outlined in the plan include”:

—Creating curbless shared streets and using more uniform, durable, and historically appropriate paving materials throughout the district.
—Installing custom “gateway” structures at the main pedestrian entrances to the district to give people a sense of arrival in a special area.
—Upgrading lighting along dark corridors, particularly New Street and Exchange Place, with cable or cantilevered lighting, while framing the area’s nine landmarked buildings with architectural lighting.
—Expanding pedestrian access on Broadway and creating more sidewalk space on New Street by redesigning the street in a way that adds loading bays and gets trucks off the sidewalks.
—Adding new multi-functional seating areas that include planting beds.
—Decluttering security infrastructure with more attractive bollards.
—Piloting a consolidated delivery center for all packages arriving in the district. This pilot would create a centralized delivery truck drop-off point and then disseminate packages within the area by hand-truck or small vehicles.

••• The single-family home at 512 Greenwich (between Spring and Canal) has been mostly unveiled. The architect is Winka Dubbeldam.

••• From a Trader Joe’s press release about the store at 233 Spring opening this Friday: “The open and spacious store will feature 30 checkout lanes, as well as unique artwork such as a mural of a rooftop bar in Soho and neighborhood and store-front signs creatively placed inside the store. Hours of operation will be from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.”

••• Tribeca Trust is holding one of its salons on June 20: “Can We Improve the Public Spaces of Tribeca? A panel will present some short slide shows of what our public spaces in Tribeca might be like….” It’s in a “secret location disclosed only to those who RSVP. These civic salons are free and open to the public, but require a $10 reservation fee which is refunded to all those who attend. Some salons are in living rooms, so seating is limited, which is why RSVP is essential. To reserve, go to this Eventbrite site.”

••• The TV show “Billions” is shooting in the Hudson/Leonard area on Tuesday.

••• I don’t watch “Law & Order: SVU,” so I don’t know if they always do this, but I was pleased to see that Maxwell’s got identified onscreen. It makes the disruption of all the shoots less annoying.

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••• B. reports that Papa Kitchen has opened on Church, in the space that was most recently Eastward Poke (which always sounded like something from the Kama Sutra).



  1. As long as those checkout lanes are manned (or womanned) by TJ standard staff, and not by those surly, unfriendly, judgmental, uneducated and with attitude and power trip who work for Duane Reade Rite Aid, Met Food,or C-town, shipped from the far reaches of the outer boroughs, in the name of diversity and equal opportunity employment,, then it’s all good.

    As for “Bilions”, much like SATC, it’s a hyperreality and fantasy, but this one is aimed for those adults, mainly the Masters of Wall Street Universe, who enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe thinking they’re still in pre-hormonal stage of their development, if they ever developed at all, see also Casey Neistat.

    • This is offensive.

    • This is exactly the type of entitled, privileged jerk who inhabits Manhattan (and especially Tribeca) these days. What an uninteresting place Manhattan has become.

  2. Usually L&O would give a house number so large, the address would be in the middle of the Hudson River, like “590 Reade Street.”

  3. They shoot in the area often because the PH for the lead character (sorry, don’t watch) is in a building on Hudson.

  4. Also, I believe the exterior shots of the L&O squad’s police station have been shot at 31 Chambers for the past several years!

  5. WOW QU – that is quite a lousy attitude concerning the human race!
    I find most retail staff to be very nice – gee, maybe it’s you.
    You want to keep your thoughts to yourself.

  6. I find that sometimes when you engage the worker with “How are you doing today?” They perk up and sometimes are even shocked
    that I even asked them. Also a smile goes a long way. I love NY!