The Brinkley’s Brothers Are Opening a Tribeca Bar

“Who knows? We may jump back into the nightlife game at some point,” Tom Martignetti told Page Six last June upon the closing of Brinkley’s Broome Street and Southside in Nolita. Instead, he and his brother, Anthony, would focus on their restaurants (The East Pole, the East Pole Fish Bar, Eastfield’s, Café Americano, and the Pizza Beach mini-chain).

Sure enough, Tom Martignetti is the listed as the principal on the Community Board 1 liquor license for 285 W. Broadway (at the southeast corner of Canal), formerly Haus nightclub. I had been told that the hours were to be midnight to 4 a.m., which made it definitely a nightclub, but the final application was actually for 12 p.m. to 4 a.m., and it describes the establishment as a “bar.” (I’ve reached out to the Martignettis’ company, Broome Street Hospitality, to see if they might share more info on what exactly it’ll be like.) The application says there will be music in all forms—live, recorded, DJs—and that they intend to apply for sidewalk seating.

Someone who attended the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee on Wednesday said that CB1 agreed to closing hours of 2 a.m. (Sunday through Wednesday) and 4 a.m. (Thursday through Saturday). The proprietors said there wouldn’t be a dance floor—instead, they’re putting a big round bar where Haus had dancing—but while they won’t “promote dancing,” they also won’t commit to prohibiting it.