In the News: More on Gitano Outdoor Restaurant

••• Roz Viemeister has opened a Shoofly store in Catskill. She closed the Tribeca shop in May of 2016. —Hudson Valley 360

•••”Robert De Niro has made his feelings on Donald Trump very clear: Part-owner De Niro has banned the President from his hot Tribeca[-ish] sushi restaurant Nobu.” Or any of the Nobus, it turns out. —Eater

••• A review of the James Veloria resale shop in the funky mall under the Manhattan Bridge. —New York Times

••• A profile of architect Kulapat Yantrasast, who designed R & Company’s new gallery on White Street. —New York Times

••• “Data Visualization Tool Shows That Downtown Residents Are Less Obese Than New York as a Whole, But Drink Way Too Much.” —Broadsheet

••• City Realty has a post about how the building at 14 White has topped out, but it’s really talking about 100 Franklin, a block to the south. (Work at 14 White hasn’t started yet.) I tried pointing out the mistake on Twitter—twice—to no avail.

••• “Reps for [Gitano seasonal restaurant at Canal and Varick] have also announced that Danish chef Mads Refslund will head up eats in conjunction along with previously mentioned chef Yvan Lemoine. Refslund is best known for helping to kick off New York’s Nordic food fetish with Acme, which he opened in 2012, and most recently the chef has been in the process of launching his own place in Williamsburg.” Also, it’s shooting to open in June. Two renderings. —Eater



  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Gitano’s proposed location is NOT stellar? – does anyone here agree that being surrounded by traffic and honking horns is NOT something desirable?
    I read this article in total disbelief!
    Really– WTF??!!!

  2. traffic congestion I agree. total flop

    • who cares what Robert Deniro does. I am so tired of people being afraid to support this president. There are lots of ” secret supporters” out there and I am a Democrat.

      • One can certainly understand why you’d want to keep it a secret.

        • I despise Trump…but I am a little curious regarding the legalities of “banning” someone from a restaurant. Would it violate discrimination laws?

          • to make myself clear Erik I didn’t say ” I want to keep it a secret” I said people in general. Because the backlash on supporting this president is terrible. Like him or not. Democrat or Republican. No one can come out and support him because they get ridiculed. I think its one sided.

  3. Note to City:
    Maybe, just maybe, enforce laws against gratuitous horn-honking and gridlocking intersections (not to mention blocking crosswalks when pedestrians have the “walk” signal)…

    All that should be common sense civility, but apparently it’s not so common after all.