Seen & Heard: Bank Branch Closing

••• A. sends word (and image) that the Santander bank branch at 108 Hudson (northeast corner of Franklin) is closing as of June 1.

••• Come early June, there will be Sing for Hope pianos in Tribeca Park, Duane Park, and Battery Park City, and four at 28 Liberty Plaza.

••• Next Thursday, May 31: Sixteen artists at 368 and 373 Broadway are having an open studios event from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

••• I hear that a new restaurant is taking over 324 Spring (next to the Ear Inn) from Kaña tapas bar.

••• I’ve seen a lot of ludicrous real-estate brokerbabble, but passing off the new 24-story rental building at 60 Fulton as “the original NYC” is beyond the pale.



  1. “The Original NYC” likely refers to the original Dutch settlement located in Lower Manhattan.

    • Yes.

      “A neighborhood carved from the grit and glamour of an earlier time, where the cool of the past mingles with the potential of the present. Right in the heart of the city’s Financial District, these streets exude a vibe all their own. This is the original NYC, a place of artists, of possibilities, of names that became icons.”

    • Of course it does, but the context is ludicrous.

  2. Even more ludicrous is the concept of a “curated” rental building. In another place and time it would have been code for practices that violate the Fair Housing laws. Here I guess they’re trying to convey that they carefully and artfully selected the finishes for the actually standard but fake-y luxury high rent white boxes inside.

    • Yes.

      “Exhibit is the city’s first curated rental residence, a dynamic celebration of the downtown art, music, culture, and style that made New York City the capital of the world. Discover a building with its own sense of place and the confidence to show it off inside and out—including art by a Five Points legend, iconic larger-than-life photography, and Andres Escobar’s daring interior design. Welcome to Exhibit: a masterpiece in the heart of downtown Manhattan.”

    • My favorite is “curation.”

      Exhibit’s collection of iconic NYC art and visionary design turns luxurious living into a roaring exhibition of color, swagger, and style.

      Jody Britt has been an experienced art sales consultant and art gallery business driver for over a decade. She has been responsible for the launch of four fine art photography businesses, most recently Britt Fine Art Consulting. Jody is a proven curator in fine art photography and has developed relationships with over 200 iconic photographers worldwide. Her curatorial vision for Exhibit is to use iconic and rare photography to tell a story about a time when New York City was culturally, socially and artistically unmatched in its freedom, bravery, and groundbreaking uniqueness. This curation pays homage to the artists that ignited Manhattan in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, when music, art and pop culture exploded and creative expression flourished.

  3. What exactly is an “iconic photographer?”

  4. A roaring exhibition…..hmmm.