Fast-Casual Vietnamese Restaurant Opening Here

On my way out of town on Saturday, I saw a new awning at the former Perpetuum Café storefront at 200 Church: “Coffee, Noodle Soup, Sandwich.” It turns out that that means Vietnamese coffee, pho, and banh mi. It’s an outpost of Vietspot, a fast-casual restaurant in FiDi,  opening June 1 (with 15% off all month). Here’s the menu….




    The TBD in the “Buddha Bar and TBD” from the Community Board Agenda is Assunta Madre, an Italian Seafood restaurant well known in Rome with other locations in Moscow, Porto Cervo, Barcelona, Milan, and London.

  2. Looks yummy! Will give it a try this week.

  3. Their pricing math is all wrong! 2 proteins for $2.50 but 3 for $5.00??? You end up paying more per protein if you get 3. This alone turns me off. Pho base without proteins for $12…and this place isn’t a nice sit down place like Viet Cafe. Not feeling it.

  4. It is a little hard to follow, but let me try to explain how I see the pricing. The first protein is included in the base price. If you want to add an additional protein (2 total) it will be an extra $2.50. If you want to add a third protein, you will pay an additional $2.50. So each additional protein is $2.50, but the initial one is included in the price.

  5. I had a Vietnamese coffee here while waiting for the interminable end of a gymnastics class. The place has a wonderful, family-run atmosphere. Very accepting of children. Service was warm but quirky. The place is not sleek by any means, but full of love. And everyone eating there seemed happy.