In the News: Peck Slip Park Design

••• “After a wait of more than 10 years, the Seaport community appears poised to get a Peck Slip Park plan that it likes. This month, city Parks Department officials and their designers revealed a reimagined look for the .65-acre stretch between South and Water Streets. The new design responds to the flexible, open space that many in the neighborhood said they wanted, and what the former parking lot has largely become over the years.” Personally, I’d like to have seen something much greener. (Rendering courtesy the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.) —Tribeca Trib

••• The building under construction at 570 Broome “is the first building in the U.S. to boast a subtle but powerful enhancement that makes it good for the planet. The facade is coated with a spray-on solution called Pureti. The treatment, which is water-based, provides 570 Broome with the purifying power of 500 trees—which is basically like taking 2,000 cars off the road for a year. Pureti works by breaking down contaminants clogging Manhattan’s air via a photocatalytic process that transforms polluting particles into oxidizing agents. They’re then released into the atmosphere as harmless minerals.” —Quartzy

••• “Nearly six years after Hurricane Sandy devastated swathes of Lower Manhattan, doing billions of dollars in damage, Downtown is no better protected from the next superstorm than it was the day after according to city officials tasked with disaster preparedness. And the situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon, according to the latest update Community Board 1 got from city agencies in charge of disaster response and resiliency efforts.” —Downtown Express