The Tribeca® Brand (Part 11)

From athleisure to ice cream, the hair salon to the dance floor: Tribeca is taking over the world.


“Welcome to Tribeca! We are a great downtown restaurant specializing in Housemade Pasta, Neapolitan Pizza and fun shareable plates! Tribeca features a warm, fun, foodie atmosphere where friends and families ‘Celebrate Life’ with wonderful food and drinks!”


“The best location to live near the center, in a quieter environment. Excellent accessibility and mobility. Enjoy a 360º panoramic view of the city and an exclusive look at the eastern hills. Ideal to live in a central and intellectual environment, and enjoy the comforts of working from home. Tribeca will become an iconic corner of an area under renovation. 72 apartments with a privileged view of the city, surrounded by flower beds and balconies, and a facade that reinterprets the use of brick, to achieve transparency and lightness.” (Translated by Google.)


“If you’re in need of a plumbing company in Dallas, TX, look no further than Tribeca Plumbing, Inc.”


“Stylish Music & Food.” (Photo courtesy Tablelog.)


“We are delighted to invite you to our salon, one with an upbeat New York energy alongside the calm and relaxing mood of our zen inspired Spa Rooms. […] How did we get our name? On a trip to New York City in 1986, I fell in love with Tribeca and the charming neighborhoods surrounding it. Inspired by the sights and sounds of this wonderful place, I felt very connected to the big city’s pace and vibe and knew one day this would be the inspiration for a business. Did you know? The word Tribeca started as an acronym for Triangle Below Canal which is a specific geographical area in New York City!”


“Inspiration for ‘TriBeCa’ include late nights. Sweaty clubs. Dark dance floors. Exertion. Endurance. Memories. Future plans. Grandiose ideas. Daybreak. All the things that make nightlife real. Ethereal and visceral. ‘TriBeCa’ is the latest release from Terrace’s upcoming EP Foundations […] An homage to those late night blueprints and the soundtrack that the DJs spun.” —Northern Transmissions


“Tribeca Ugly Duck is a laboratory where we [Tribeca NV restaurant] together with Ugly Duck Brewing Co. invites you to participate in the development of new tastes and experiences. Ugly Duck Brewing Co. Also, love to experiment with pure raw materials, and we no longer hesitate to only taste the finished results.” (Translation by Google.)


“Hidden interior snaps give you two ways to wear these lightweight pants in our recycled, wrinkle-resistant Featherweight Stretch fabric. A lightly compressive waistband offers support and a held-in feeling.”


“Hot NY Deli Sandwiches In London—Homecured Salt Beef, Reubens & Philly Cheesesteaks
at Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo Every Friday & Saturday 11.30-15.30.”


“Frank and Klaus have felt at home in many places around the world, most recently in New York, to be exact in Tribeca, where the idea for the ice cream of the same name was born. There, in early 2015, on Franklin Street, Klaus was looking for a vegan alternative to classic milk and cream ice cream. In the summer of 2015, the two brothers opened an ice cream pop-up store at Gallery Pablo’s Birthday in New York’s Lower East Side, under the motto ‘art meets ice cream.’ With the élan and the appropriate recipes in their luggage, a scoop shop was opened in July 2017 at Rykestraße 40 in Berlin. There are waiting for delicious ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and disco ball.” (Translated by Google.)




  1. Our family “LOL Tribeca” retail moment this spring came when I searched for sleepaway camp sheets and the Tribeca sheet set popped up. The “Green/Red” color option presumably evokes the very, very early days of Tribeca.

  2. A bar on the corniche in Thessaloniki (photo available) and, if I recall correctly, on a square in Paris. And, and, and….

  3. There’s even some neighborhood in New York City using the name!

  4. Also:

    – Angie Tribeca (TV series)

    – Tribeca Living (a brand of bedding sheets and linens)

    – Tribeca line of door hardware from Andersen Doors

    – Tribeca dog bowl from Ethical Pets

    – Soho Collections Tribeca diaper bag set
    (branding confusion surely inspired by the Tribeca/Soho Pharmacy)

    – Tribeca Luggage (and shoes!) by Kenneth Cole

  5. These of course beg the question:
    What do they have to do with Tribeca?

    “We” should have trademarked the name long ago.
    Well, actually, the artists who came up with the name should have done so…

    • The U.S. Supreme Court wrote in Canal Company v. Clark, 80 U.S. 13 Wall. 311 311 (1871)

      “And it is obvious that the same reasons which forbid the exclusive appropriation of generic names or of those merely descriptive of the article manufactured and which can be employed with truth by other manufacturers, apply with equal force to the appropriation of geographical names, designating districts of country. “

      • James,
        Interesting! Thank you for that. Was not aware of such a law, but it makes sense in general.

        (Although the initial tiny triangle of TriBeCa might have been considered a sort of artist colony rather than a geographic region per se? )