Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Il Mulino

••• After I posted about Eataly’s plan for three more carts selling alcohol beverages (in the Community Board 1 agendas), I happened to visit the store, and I was severely disappointed to see that the produce section—far and away the most useful aspect of the entire place, if you ask me—has been shrunk, with produce spread out as if to give the impression of bounty. It’s possibly an inevitable shame that Eataly will keep drifting toward being more of a restaurant than a store, especially once Whole Foods opens at 1 Wall.

••• On the other hand, we could all just sign up for the Tribeca CSA, which gets you produce directly from local farmers (good for both you and them). If you’re worried about receiving something you don’t know how to cook, that’s no longer a valid excuse, because the Internet makes it extremely easy. Also, and I may enthuse about this again at a later date, if you buy a copy of Joshua McFadden’s spectacular cookbook, Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables, you’ll really be set. (I love this book!) Visit to see how it works.

••• A peek inside Il Mulino Tribeca. A mid-June opening would seem to be a stretch.

••• And while we’re at it, here’s a peek inside Joe & the Juice.

••• German School Manhattan, in the old Church Street School for Music and Art space, say it’ll open this September.



  1. I LOVE that book!!!

  2. The produce at Eataly is always fresh and very fairly priced, I hope it doesn’t disappear completely

  3. There is/was normally another set of carts in the middle area at the Eataly produce section since they re-arranged to the rows from the aisle.

    So hopefully just a temporary further rearrangement experiment.