In the News: Late-Night Crane Rescue

••• Around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, someone was evidently trapped high up in a crane at 125 Greenwich. Including the Facebook post, too, because it mentions chest pains.

••• “What do you do when an apartment is having an identity crisis? That’s the question Greenwich-based designer Francine Gardner faced upon returning to the Tribeca apartment she had decorated for her client, Lisa Rhoads, nearly a decade earlier.” Gardner’s store, Interieurs, used to be on Franklin Street. I had hoped to run a photo, but the media contact for Cottages & Gardens never responded.

••• More on the murals on mechanical buildings at what will one day be 2 World Trade Center. (They sure beat more ads.) Note the steps and platform in the last photo, of the west side of the lot. —New York Times


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  1. Nice murals. Certainly adds a much needed pop of color to the complex. Too bad they even exist though. Hopefully we will see 2 WTC rising by the 20th anniversary.