Beverly Hills Apothecary Is Opening on W. Broadway

I hear that Beverly Hills Apothecary is opening in the former Aesop space at 138 W. Broadway. “Beverly Hills Apothecary is the preferred prescription partner for the most discerning patients and doctors looking for personable and speedy service,” says the website for the original location in Beverly Hills. “To compliment our full-service prescription fulfillment service, we carry a curated set of high-quality of over-the-counter dermatology products.” I’m not sure to what extent the new location is related; when I called to ask about it, I was told to talk to Victor Falah [SEE UPDATE BELOW], the pharmacist who is opening it, which made it sound like the name is being licensed. Falah, who didn’t respond to a call, was the proprietor of Irmat Pharmacy on Park Avenue South, which spawned a mail-order business. From a 2015 New York Times article about Irmat’s battle with OptumRx:

Irmat Pharmacy on Park Avenue in Manhattan still looks like the neighborhood drugstore it has been since the 1970s. But two years ago it added a new business as a nationwide mail-order dispenser of expensive drugs for acne and other skin conditions. That business has prospered, and Irmat has grown to 208 employees today from 20 in 2012. Now, however, Irmat’s very existence is threatened, it says, because a large pharmacy benefit manager plans to stop doing business with it at the end of this month. Irmat is suing that company, OptumRx, which is owned by UnitedHealth Group, the insurance giant, in an effort to stop that from happening.

UPDATE 6/7/18: Ari Nikolitsis says that he, and not Victor Falah, is the owner, and the name will be Tribeca Apothecary.

Below: A photo of the Beverly Hills location, courtesy Beverly Hills Apothecary.



  1. Although I read Victor Falah is not the owner, do you have a way to provide his contact info? His previous pharmacy provided my wife’s prescription. We have not been able to find a compounding pharmacy that can produce the same quality medication as they did since they closed their doors. I am hoping he can give me some info that will help.