Seen & Heard: Park Row Is Still Closed

••• The DOT tweeted that “crews recently installed granite blocks along a pedestrian median on 6th Ave at Franklin St., expanding the pedestrian space and creating safer crossings.” I’m not sure how it expands the pedestrian space, unless the DOT means that UPS will have a harder time parking there. (That whole island is due to get made over once 100 Franklin is completed.)

••• Fortified-water company Dirty Lemon is operating out of its unfinished space at 293 Church; I saw a delivery come out. Hard to tell what its plans for inside are.

••• The Park Row bike/pedestrian path still isn’t open. Also: Are Jersey barriers really more attractive when they’re painted like this?

••• Pier 17 hasn’t opened yet, despite Howard Hughes Corporation’s hope that it’d debut quietly in May.

••• The city keeps finding new ways to mistreat City Hall Park.

••• I haven’t heard anything about Bridge Café—closed after Sandy—in a long time. The interior either looks ready or abandoned.


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  1. Permits are down at Bridge Cafe but the lighted sign in the window is still on. Confusing.