Zutto Has Closed

Zutto, the “Japanese American Pub” (and before that, Japanese izakaya), has closed. According to a New York Press article from 2013, Zutto opened sometime in the mid-1980s—indeed, the New York Times included it in a 1985 roundup on the neighborhood—and it was rebooted by new owner Angelo Cosentini in 2011. The restaurant will be missed—and no one needs to be told that it’s yet another affordable option to close in recent years.

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  1. Ouch. Zutto has been one of our favorites for years

  2. best ramen in Tribeca. Sad to see them close.

  3. So sad! The happy hour special was hard to beat.

  4. Zutto is our favorite restaurant. Hands down. It was always packed. This is a real shame! I’m so upset.

  5. I’ve gone to Zutto occasionally for several years and their ramen always seemed just meh, until recently. I went last week and I actually really enjoyed it and was looking forward to going back… just my luck!

    Anyone have any other good ramen recommendations near the area?

  6. Oh man this is so sad, best sushi and ramen in Tribeca.

    I hope they open something else up, this bums me out.

  7. I heard an audible whimper when I told my oldest son. I can’t imagine what my younger son will do. That was our favorite local restaurant and Joel was always so welcoming. Bummer.

  8. I’m so sad about this, Zutto was one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Their fried rice was one of my all time favorite dishes, and I generally don’t like fried rice! I wonder what happened…we ate there a few weeks ago and they were fairly busy.

  9. Apparently, the workers are trying to re-open it. I told them if they do it, we will come. They said the owner, Angelo, said he wasn’t making a profit.

  10. Zutto had one of best ramens in city
    The manager,Joel, could not have been nicer
    The loss of this restaurant is a blow to NYC and this neighborhood

  11. What?? How is this possible?!!! Was just there Monday. Sad.

  12. I stopped by earlier today. They say they will reopen as Zutto. Closure just temporary. We’ll see.

  13. Ouch. That news was a punch in the gut.