Seen & Heard: Summer Day Café Opening Forecast

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music‘s summer CD and record sale is June 9 to 24. Maybe you’ll score a collector’s item like a certain LP in the window….

••• It’s hard to get a decent shot of what’s happening at 456 Greenwich, to be a hotel, because the viewing panels in the plywood fence (at least on Greenwich) are blocked, even though the law insists otherwise. Luckily, I’m tall enough to reach over the fence.

••• Opening June 7 at Apexart:”Light in Wartime brings together photographers whose works shed new light on war, both forensically and symbolically. Many of the photographers featured in Light in Wartime challenge the conventions and limitations of traditional reportage, underlining the tensions between art, fiction, and photojournalism. The works explore the gap between understanding wars as historical happenings, and their fictionalized representations in the entertainment world, political realm, and collective consciousness.” Bellow: Richard Mosse’s “Commodius Vicus.”

••• A good sign—pun intended—at A Summer Day Café (and, on the lower level, Holy Ground). They’re now shooting to open around June 21.

••• The Community Board 1 Licensing Committee agenda says that Wisefish Poké (opening at 412 Greenwich) is applying for a liquor license, which surprised me, because cocktails and fast casual don’t really mix. But the notice in the window says the license is just for beer and wine, which makes more sense.

••• One would think that the “no trucks” prohibition on Beach between Hudson and Greenwich would include commuter buses.