Seen & Heard: Gitano Is Coming Along

••• Stars—they’re just like us!

••• Karpov Orthodontics is leaving 116-118 Franklin. The signs says it’s moving two blocks away, so it’s presumably taking the old Tribeca Language space on Harrison (where a dental office was said to be opening).

••• The wonders of the Tribeca Greenmarket never cease….

••• Finally, signs of life at 11 Sixth Ave., where a restaurant has been in the works for years.

••• “The Other Two” TV show is shooting in the area again today and tomorrow, this time in the Broadway/Walker area.

••• A few peeks at how Gitano, the seasonal restaurant at Varick/Canal, is coming along. Still, a June opening seems like a stretch.



  1. What a beautiful photograph of loveyness, it makes you stop and think about how much Staple Street needs to be repaved.

    • LOL!

      • As long as it is not done by the same crew that redid northern Greenwich street a few years back- it is now in worse condition than most remaining “original” cobble stone streets like Vestry.

        • I lived here and watched while the whole cobblestone work was done very meticulously years ago. The issue is that Con Ed, Verizon and TW (spectrum) are constantly digging up for repairs and are never held accountable to put it back together the way they found it.

  2. Dr. Karpov is moving. My kids are her patients and we got a notice that she’s going to Greenwich & Harrison. New office to be ready by late July or early August. Still close by!!