In the News: Woman Attacked With Metal Box

••• “Police are looking for a black woman who bashed a white woman over the head with a heavy, metal make-up box on a street in Tribeca while shouting, ‘White bitch, take that!” […] The terrifying incident happened at 11:51 a.m. in front of 77 Warren.” —New York Post

••• Yet another Lower-Manhattan-is-back real estate article, this one somewhat ludicrously pegged to World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein moving from Midtown. —New York Times

••• “WeWork is taking the entire office portion of United American Land’s 408 Broadway in Tribeca. The co-working firm signed a 60,000-square-foot lease at the five-story building, a source told The Real Deal. WeWork’s new location will cover floors two to five.”

••• “The New York City Council is considering a bill that would displace 22 street vendors who work near the World Trade Center, the site of the attacks on September 11, 2001. The legislation has the support of the New York City Police Department, which has expressed concerns explosives could be hidden in the vendor’s carts or in customers’ backpacks, and that they are too close to NYPD vehicle checkpoints. […] Of the 22 vendors that would be affected, 18 are Muslim.” —Human Rights Watch

••• “Dutch Street, a dark and narrow alley in downtown Manhattan, all but forgotten since the 19th century, is back in fashion, as the financial district reinvents itself as a residential destination.” The evidence? “Two corner residential sites that long had prosaic addresses on commercial thoroughfares—John Street and Fulton Street—have been reinvented with the poetry of a Dutch Street address.” Below: a rendering of 19 Dutch. —Wall Street Journal


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  1. New York Post should correct their article ” shouting slurs” you mean ” shouting racial slurs”. it works both ways. Racial incident should be on the news.