Seen & Heard: Greenwich Street Retail Activity

••• Work is happening in the store at 466 Greenwich (Watts), where the Q House of Basics pop-up recently was. Anyone know if someone is moving in?

••• Ever After children’s store on Greenwich has opened a store in Brentwood, which is basically the Tribeca of L.A.

••• “There’s new signage in Hudson River Park,” emailed D. a while back, but I only recently got over there to check it out. “Looks really attractive if you ask me, and reminds me of the signage in London’s Hyde Park.”

••• Meanwhile, further up the riverside, Herzog & de Meuron’s 160 Leroy sure seems like a winner. But I wonder what it’s like to be inside and look through the conjoined oblique windows (or whatever you’d call them). A shame they couldn’t be curved….

••• R & Company’s new gallery on White Street has windows in the back that face the rear of 69 Walker, where the Fogarty Finger architecture firm moved into the old Walker Supply Corp. hardware store. Look at that foundation! When do you think it dates from?