Seen & Heard: Results of a Tap Water Test

••• Finally, some seating in the Oculus! Although they might’ve spread ’em out a little….

••• From A.: “After you ran a link to the water tower inspection article, we decided to get our tap water tested just to see how good the ‘champagne of drinking water’ is. We tested our kitchen tap at Greenwich/Chambers. Generally speaking, the results came back pretty good, absent of many metals, VOCs or other contaminants. What did surface was that our water tested high in Bromodichloromethane (0.005 PPM), Chloroform (0.068 PPM), and Fluoride (1.9 PPM) as well as elevated levels of Arsenic (0.001 PPM). While some items like fluoride should be expected, our measurement is almost 2x what is considered normal. Up for debate whether these measurements are true causes for concern, but if anything while the water is generally pretty good (certainly safer than Flint, Mich.), there are worrisome things in there that are worth a closer look.” Bear in mind that one main point of the article linked to above is that the city monitors water until it gets into buildings, at which point it’s each building’s responsibility—so A.’s results would likely differ from yours.

••• Tribeca Art+Culture Night is this Thursday. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s “a downtown arts festival that takes place in 30 venues in Tribeca, Soho, and FiDi, including art non-profits, fine art, design and university galleries as well as parks. This urban festival celebrates all things relating to Arts, Culture and Creativity and embraces the diversity of creative expressions from Drawing to Design to Crafts, Dance and much more.” You can just wander among the venues or sign up for specific experiences.

••• A show of work by Raul Guerrero opens this week at Ortuzar Projects.

••• “The Valley of Tribeca,” a poem by Mary Bone, appeared on the Literary Yard. (“I was in the Tribeca Valley / Where the buffalo used to roam….”) I don’t think it’s about the boutique on Greenwich Street.

••• Cadillac is back shooting another ad, this time in the Greenwich/Beach area. Maybe GM should buy the “Tribeca” marque from Subaru.



  1. In regards to your own water test, what company did you use to get your water tested? and how much did it cost?

  2. This article tells how you can get very, very sick from water inside your apartment. The bacteria that cause NTM are everywhere.

    Please note, other sources say using bleach on your shower head will actually increase the number of microorganisms and you should use vinegar instead.

    NTM is becoming more and more prevalent. It is life-altering and often incurable.