First Look at Danny Meyer’s Sky-High Restaurant

Last night was a preview of the Danny Meyer restaurant (Manhatta) and event space (Bay Room) on the 60th floor of 28 Liberty, as One Chase Manhattan Plaza is now known. That’s it lurking behind the Federal Reserve, above.

The two establishments run along most of the building’s perimeter; presumably you can rent out both simultaneously.

The Bay Room proper is along the south and west sides, with jaw-dropping views of the harbor, 70 Pine, the East River, the World Trade Center, and much more. The interior itself is unremarkable, but why try to compete with what’s outside? (I ran around quickly taking photos, at the expense of their quality; as you can see in come of the shots, partygoers don’t always love being photographed.)

There was a private room (or two?) on the east side, set up for the dinner that other people would be attending.

Manhatta, meanwhile, is along the northern side. The restaurant is aiming to open sometime during the first two weeks of July. (The views are just as spectacular, although you may have a hard time recognizing the boring side of the Gehry building—that’s it dominating the second photo below.) There’s an open kitchen and a substantial bar. (I fear Manhatta will ultimately tilt toward becoming more of a bar.) No menu has been released yet, so we’ll have to see whether the offerings are along the usual FiDi lines. And I’m not sure about the funky “booths” for two against the wall….



  1. Does anyone know if they are taking reservations yet?

  2. As a Designer, I think that looks like a glorified banquet room… or something in an airport at the Delta sky club.

    Very disappointing I feel.

  3. Wow, this place reminds me of Windows on the World. I am having unpleasant flashbacks. Hopefully furniture will warm things up.