Seen & Heard: Barbershop Needs to Find a New Home

••• From Terry: “Our barber on Lispenard Street [Ilya’s Barber Shop] is looking for a new place to set up shop. The shop has been there for well over the 40 years I have lived in Tribeca and gives a good all-around haircut for a reasonable price. But the building has been sold and will probably be torn down to build a taller building. A fact that is altogether too sad for the disappearing Mom and Pop businesses in our neighborhood. If anyone knows of a place where Ilya (Leo) can find a location in Tribeca be sure to let him know. He is at 33 Lispenard. Hard to miss. The only barber on Lispenard.” I remember talking to him a few years ago, when he said that he’d have to move at some point. Demolition of that building would mean the demise of Westside Coffee Shop and presumably Humblefish. And it seems entirely possible that someone might try to combine the lot with the other buildings on that block of Church.

••• Flyers are posted in the Church/Reade area (for today) and the W. Broadway/Warren area (for Tuesday) for what is likely the TV show “Ray Donovan.” (It shoots at Trinity Boxing Club on Duane.) Possible Productions is behind both this show and “Billions,” which shoots here a lot. It’s owned by CBS, and according to ProPublica, it “received at least $11.1M in subsidies between 2011 and 2014.” Can someone remind me what they’ve done for us lately?

••• Too bad Citigroup’s big renovation didn’t add a screen in front of the mechanicals atop 390 Greenwich.

••• From 28 Liberty: “Fosun, in partnership with the New York Red Bulls, has announced a special World Cup experience on Fosun Plaza at 28 Liberty during the 2018 World Cup.” I didn’t realize we were supposed to call it Fosun Plaza now. Not sure about that…. “Fosun will air live World Cup matches on 28 Liberty’s newly installed 40-foot LED screen.” I believe the screen is a permanent addition. “Seating will be available [and] on days with different matches running at the same time, 28 Liberty will show one match at its discretion, which will be announced on the website. [Also] the New York Red Bulls will [organize] player appearances, a soccer field for free play and public tournaments, and more. Check the website for details.”

••• Kicking myself for not buying this sweatshirt at Morgenstern’s yesterday. Guess I’ll have to go back!

••• Over the Rhine is playing City Winery on September 28. Here’s the title track from the band’s magnificent double album, Ohio.



  1. There are plenty of available spaces in Tribeca. We all see them. The question is what square footage and what monthly rent is sought.

    • Very tough situation. He wants roughly 100 SF, has a very thin budget, and needs to be on the ground floor for visibility purposes. You might see a lot of vacant retail units throughout the neighborhood, but none of the landlords are going to chop up that space and allocate 100 SF for a single user.

      Hoping that Leo can find a new place to call home – it’s going to take some creativity.

  2. I’ve admired the signage above Ilya’s shop for at least 12 years now.
    Id imagine that means Mr Horowitz’s Church Street Surplus will also be closing/moving.
    Long time coming Id suspect but end of an era for sure.

  3. I go to Trinity Boxing – it’s a great place! The owner Martin is the best / I highly recommend it – best workout!!

  4. The irony of the two barbershop articles in today’s TC is striking: long-time, modest barber swept away like so much fallen hair on the floor while upscale barber from White Plains arrives to sweep up gentrification dollars . . . All best luck to Illya, I hope he can survive in the neighborhood for his sake — and for mine!