Seen & Heard: Ladder 8 Lights

••• Are the lights on the top floor of the Ladder 8 firehouse for construction? Are they art?

••• Claudio Marini points out that his restaurant’s environmental game is strong: “Da Claudio stopped using plastic straws over six months ago, only paper straws, we use only sustainable and biodegradable coffee cups and lids. Take-out and delivery containers are biodegradable. To-go cutlery is made of corn or bamboo. To-go soup cups and lids are from recyclable paper. Bar napkins are from recyclable paper.”

••• Love artist Robert Janz’s new website,, and that he’s being represented by Street Artisans. His recent series of “Street Art Singers” collages has been sensational. Also, if you’ve never looked at his sculptures, do check them out. I prize mine.

••• The 85 Franklin storefront that was most recently Elan Flowers looks like it has a new tenant: The “for lease” sign is down and the windows are papered.

••• Patrick Parrish shop/gallery on Lispenard has a half-sibling gallery in Bushwick, Fisher Parrish. Up now: “The Ashtray Show, an exhibition of original small works by over 80 contemporary artists and designers. The Ashtray Show will commemorate our 1 year anniversary as Fisher Parrish Gallery and is the 4th in a series of exhibitions which focus on the home and the objects in them—the sculptural objects to which we ascribe a simple function.”



  1. So glad to hear that Da Claudio has done this and that those products are available. I am always surprised at how much plastic is thrown away at Whole Foods. I understand they have “recycling” but I am not sure all of the different plastics can be recycled. Traders Joe’s have compatible produce bags and don’t serve tasting bites or drinks in hard plastic. Hopefully Amazon will move WF in this direction.

  2. Bravo to Da Claudio!
    May others follow!

  3. Love the Janz sculptures! Wonderful!