Seen & Heard: Zaitzeff Has Closed

••• A new—and, I think, firm—opening date for A Summer Day Café: Monday, Wednesday, July 18.

••• An update from the Dead Rabbit: “This morning a fire was reported on our block. We’re still getting details, but The Dead Rabbit received considerable fire and water damage and as a result will be closed until further notice. Fortunately no one has been hurt. Thank you for your support and understanding at this very difficult time. We’ll let you know more here as soon as we find out.”

••• From an anonymous tipster: “Not sure if I am late to the party but Zaitzeff has closed on Nassau and John—it’s off the beaten path for Tribeca but a solid burger joint for those of us east of the park. The windows are all painted black. I don’t know the name of the lady that runs it but she was always very nice and conversational. She said she lost her lease and the building would be torn down for a high-rise. That seems a little off to me—there is one going up almost directly across the street where the Diner used to be and the building above Zaitzeff looks like it could be historical…but like I said maybe I am late to the party!” (Photo courtesy Google Maps.)

••• J. sends word (and pic) that the sidewalk shed at 391 Broadway is gone.

••• From the Public Art Fund: “Public Art Fund has just unveiled Tauba Auerbach’s Flow Separation, a dazzling new addition to New York City’s waterfront! Every surface of the historic Fireboat John J. Harvey has been hand-painted in her red-and-white marbled design, creating a contemporary rendition of ‘dazzle camouflage,’ a technique used by U.S. and U.K. artists during WWI to confuse enemy ships. Join us this summer to experience the work […] by going aboard during visiting hours starting July 14, or by reserving your spot on a free trip! The work is on view at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 [now] before moving to Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 in mid-August, where it will remain through the end of September.”


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  1. July 18 is a Wednesday?