In the News: Police Action on Counterfeit Peddlers

••• Q&A with actor Paul Rudd, who lives in Tribeca. —New York Times

••• The Hudson River Park Trust has raised $10 million for its ambitious estuarium at the base of Pier 26, but it needs $40 million more, and if it can’t get someone to cough it up, the plan will get scaled back. And the River Project’s return to the pier remains up in the air. —Broadsheet

••• 70 Vestry has a model unit open. —Curbed

••• The tent camp on Governors Island, and other similar retreats in the area. —New York Times

••• And Bloomberg reviewed the Governors Island camp experience.

••• “A Parks Department plan to fence off […] a lawn that comprises about two thirds of the 8,850-square-foot DeLury Square park at Fulton and Gold […] has pitted neighbor against neighbor, with local nature lovers squaring off against a group of volunteer gardeners over just how accessible a public park should be.” —Downtown Express

••• The 1st Precinct tweeted yesterday that it cracked down—at least somewhat—on the peddlers of counterfeit goods at Broadway and Canal. If the NYPD is serious, it’ll be back there today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. The peddlers are there every single day, and on weekends they lay their crap out all over the sidewalk, making it near impossible to get through. (Home page photo courtesy the 1st Precinct.)



  1. DeLury Square is maybe 885 sf. total. And nobody uses the lawn, except for people who use it as an illegal dog run (which I also have seen in the playground at Pearl and Fulton).

  2. It’s a good move regarding the counterfeiters occupying the sidewalks. Thank you to the police for this. Maybe all the cardboard the “vendors” store against the old bank building should be removed also as a deterrent.

    This ongoing problem with the illicit vendors can be resolved through consistent enforcement. For those concerned, please keep reporting to 311 also whenever you see the vendors occupying and obstructing the space.

    Enforcement should also include the vendors lurking on the corners and blocking the subway entrances, flashing photos of watches, sunglasses, bags. This is not only annoying, but creates an atmosphere of lawlessness.

  3. By the way, I’m surprised the owners of the old bank building aren’t pressing to have this counterfeiter problem resolved. I can’t imagine they will find any takers for that space when it’s surrounded by this chaos.

  4. It’s about time! But being a pessimist, they’ll be back if not in a day then is a few days. Correct about the BMT subway stop, they’re now even in the stairs. These hawkers are all over from B’way to Centre St where the tourists are. Tour busses go there just for fake stuff regularly & make stops along Canal St. usually stopping by the Post Office. They should also pray in mosques instead of along Lispenard St.

  5. Oh counterfeiters, calling all counterfeiters – don’t worry, not everyone hates you. You guys are a busy lot and I like to see you praying to Allah. Canal Street and its surroundings will be so boring when you are all gone.