In the News: Three Stars for Frenchette

••• Frenchette gets three stars from the New York Times: “You’d have to be delusional to wager money on the longevity of a restaurant in New York, but Frenchette is the closest thing to a safe bet that I’ve seen in years. Mr. Nasr and Mr. Hanson seem to be in it for the long haul; if one of them hasn’t held the other’s head down in a pot of French onion soup by now, it’s probably never going to happen. More than that, they know how to flatter New Yorkers with food that doesn’t scream for attention but that smiles back when you notice it.”

••• Eater reviewed the restaurant, too.

••• The Solaire at 20 River Terrace is going to get converted to condos. —Broadsheet

••• If you spot a bus or truck idling and report it to the city, you can get paid for your efforts. I wonder whether school buses are eligible, because during the school year there’s one that sits on Warren outside P.S. 89 every weekday morning spewing foul fumes into the air. —New York Post

••• There a groundbreaking for the 30-story building at 110 Charlton (537 Greenwich), which will have the nonsensical name Greenwich West. I can’t tell if the design has changed from the previous rendering. —Curbed



  1. Downtown is one big idling open air bus station, so this should be easy pickings. I have personally asked bus drivers to cut their engines and informed them of the fact that they are often illegally parked. They don’t care and as long as idling and parking illegally are not enforced with fines, bus companies will continue to do these things.

    I took a look at the process for filing a report of idling. Its so sad that it is a pdf to be printed out, completed and sent through snail mail. The 311 app lets you make complaints about idling or illegal parking through the app with location and other information pre populated. If they could make it easier to submit these complaints, we might have the idling problem cleaned up in very short order.

  2. The worst idling in our neighborhood is the FDNY ambulance that sits, spewing filthy diesel fumes, all night long outside the Starbucks on Murray Street at the corner of Church. Sometimes the entire block stinks of smoke.