In the News: City Winery Has 17 Months

••• City Winery’s Michael Dorf on the announcement that Disney would build on its block: “This is not unanticipated. When we signed our lease ten years ago there was a discussion and a clause about what would happen if they were to demolish the building. It foretold of the future. Trinity Church has been a good landlord and communicating with me about what was happening over the last couple of years. [… The deal] happened faster than everyone thought, but we’re still looking at a January 1st, 2020 move, which gives us more than enough time to find new location.” —Gothamist

••• The Glam and Go salon at 93 Worth opens tomorrow. —The Quest for It

••• “As Parks Department Moves to Fix Subsiding Warren Street Dog Run, Community Board 1 Hopes to Incubate Volunteer Organization to Support Newly Public Facility […] Anyone wishing to collaborate with CB1 in creating an organization to support and help maintain the Warren Street dog run is asked to email:” —Broadsheet

••• The Food Seen interviewed Houseman chef/owner Ned Baldwin.

••• More thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including $8 in tips from a Dunkin Donuts tip jar. Dude, steal from the rich.



  1. God I hate it when a hard working server who is on the front lines of anyone’s mood who happens to walk in off the street is stolen from. That is crappy.

  2. Good luck getting volunteers to “maintain” the dog park.

    • What if the City could get a couple of people to start a member-supported not-for-profit group? You know, one where people would pay money towards maintenance and insurance? In return they would get a key to a lock to be put on the park gate. How does that sound?

  3. How the dog park maintains its standards is reflected in how well dog owners uphold standards in other public spaces–most notably the sidewalks. Most dog owners are great at picking up and having their dogs relieve themselves at the curb, not the middle of the sidewalk. It only takes a tiny percentage of owners not picking up to impact hundreds and maybe thousands of pedestrians who have to experience a single open air dog waste.