Seen & Heard: Downstairs at Roman and Williams Guild

••• A block of Warren will be closed next weekend. Also, the construction is about to enter W. Broadway from Chambers to Murray.

••• The lower level at Roman and Williams Guild has opened. It’s smaller than I expected; the “art supplies room” is pictured in the second photo below. Mainly, there are books and a pretty private room (sorry for the blur) that I believe is called House of Bowls.

••• Handy after a visit to Court Street Grocers: Morgenstern’s has a cart selling a half-dozen flavors outside its forthcoming shop at Houston and LaGuardia Place, where the Silver Spurs diner used to be.

••• If you missed your chance to get a Tribeca Citizen tote, sorry, but they were a pain to get made and they cost a substantial amount of money and I’m not doing it again. But you can always buy a T-shirt here!

••• Tribeca Spaces has a spiffy new awning. And love the old “373” above the door.

••• Frenchette definitely has the classiest ashtray around.



  1. Good idea about the ashtray.
    A very local solution, at least, to a larger problem.

    If only smokers would refrain from using the streets of the city (not to mention the roof and yards of our building) as their ashtray. Why aren’t anti-littering laws enforced?

    Residents in our building find cigarette butts every day in their yards, terraces, and on the roof. Apparently flung out of neighboring building windows (since no one in our building smokes), not even stubbed out first. Not only is this filthy, it’s just asking for a fire.

  2. That ice cream cart in front of the former Silver Spurs is swank.

  3. I hate that people flick their still lit cigarettes on the street. Not only does it litter and look awful, I have a puppy, and she trys to eat everything! Im afraid that one day she might just pick up on one of these lit butts.