Seen & Heard: Il Mulino Opens Tonight

••• I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Roxy has a photo booth in its lobby. It’s the old-school kind, where you get a strip of four different black-and-white shots, but you can pay ($5 a pop) by credit card, Apple Pay, etc.

••• B. reports that Il Mulino is apparently open, as it’s taking reservations on OpenTable for tonight. (The website still says “coming soon.”) If the menu is anything like the one for the W. 3rd Street restaurant, it ain’t cheap.

••• The TV show “Ray Donovan” is back in the Church/Duane area today, while “Elementary” is there tomorrow. That’s four days last week in that area, and two days (and counting) this week. It’s too much. Plus, the TV show “Bull” is shooting in two parts of Tribeca on Friday.

••• La Mercerie has turned most of its takeout counter into seating, but you can still grab something to go. We tried the tourteau fromager (more traditionally fromagé, but the café spells it with an r), which tends to be called a cheesecake but it more resembled a pound cake. The dark part is intentionally burned. I don’t know if it alone was worth $22, but we enjoyed the experience—and the box was a total keeper. My husband even made me participate in an unboxing video. UPDATE: Video added at KP’s request.

••• Au Cheval, the Chicago restaurant opening at Walker and Cortlandt Alley, still has a long way to go.



  1. Link to the unboxing video, please? Or at least a screenshot so we can see the box?

  2. Also another shoot this week:
    There are signs for shooting something called “TMAS” on Walker Street.