Seen & Heard: Big Residential Conversion Postponed

••• I hear that the residential conversion planned for 250 Church isn’t happening, at least not yet, and the NYC Department of Human Resources is going to stay as a tenant for a while. (Previous to the residential conversion, there was a plan to turn it into stylish offices.)

••• 1 Beekman topped out. The flag isn’t really visible in the photo, but trust me, it’s there.

••• I had no idea that 160 Leroy looked like this from the back. What a terrific building!

••• Remember how two feet had to be sliced off of the southeast corner of 11 Beach so that the building would no longer be within the new FEMA flood zone? I thought the corner would end up being beveled, but instead the wall has been replaced by venting, which must technically count as part of the building.

••• There’s a soccer event at M1-5 next week.



  1. where did you hear that about 250 Church.

  2. Hi, I’m also wondering how you heard about the postponement of 250 Church. Any additional information would be much appreciated.