Maman Will Open Another Tribeca Outpost

When I saw there has been no sign of activity inside the former American Flatbread space at 205 Hudson, where a kosher restaurant is supposed to be opening, I went onto the Department of Buildings website, where I discovered that paperwork was recently filed week for “Interior commercial renovation of existing UG6 commercial space including the installation of new non-load bearing partitions, plumbing fixtures, wall and floor finishes.” At first, I figured it was for the kosher restaurant, but then I dug deeper—and one of the names on the filings is Benjamin Sormonte, a co-founder of Maman with his partner, Elisa Marshall. Marshall confirmed that the couple (who live in Tribeca) will be doing something “Maman-style” in the space, but we’ll have to wait to learn more….

Assuming there aren’t other Mamans in the works, this will be the company’s eighth outpost. Six of the existing Mamans are cafés, and the seventh is a shop.

UPDATE 8/24: I had assumed that Maman’s forthcoming store at 205 Hudson would be where American Flatbread was, but it’s actually around the corner, on Canal, where Mr. Locks was [below]. (And for all I know, the kosher restaurant previously announced for the former American Flatbread space is still on, although there’s been no sign of work.) Maman’s Elisa Marshall says the store is shooting to open in October.