FiDi’s Next Light Show

On the way home from Manhatta, Adam and I were gobsmacked by the light show happening at 111 and 115 Broadway, the two buildings directly south of Zuccotti Park. I called Capital Properties, which owns the buildings, and I was told that it was likely a test for a light show, probably for the holiday season. The video doesn’t quite capture how dramatic it was, and the flickering wrapped around the east side of the buildings (and possibly other sides, too).

A few semi-related items of note: The narrow block of Thames Street that runs between the two buildings is being turned into a pedestrian-only mall; in 2006, the New York Times tried to determine whether “Thames” is pronounced like the British river; and in 1997, the paper dug into the buildings’ history.



  1. They’re actually east of Zuccotti Park.