In the News: Noise Pollution Near Tribeca Schools

••• “A report by the online investigative reporting outlet, City Limits, documents that noise outside a pair of public schools in Tribeca exceeds levels that can cause permanent hearing damage. City Limits installed noise-measuring equipment outside of P.S. 234 and P.S. 150 (as well as at 20 other public schools around Manhattan) in early July. At P.S. 234, the gauges logged maximum sustained noise levels of 93.40 decibels, with peak readings topping out at 99.70 decibels. At P.S. 150, the measurements were 87.10 decibels for maximum sustained noise and 92.30 decibels for momentary spikes in noise levels.” —Broadsheet

••• “A wheelchair-using Queens man who’s been shaking down businesses by threatening to sue for millions over their lack of handicapped access—if they don’t pay him first—was walking just fine when The Post visited him this week.” It’s such a shame that politicians won’t do anything about this scam.

••• “The New York Stock Exchange may not be considered a hot spot of the city’s creative scene, but a new exhibit called “Art and Money” is bringing some color to the capitalist digs. Gracing the NYSE’s sixth floor hallway heading towards the gold-adorned Big Board Club conference room, three artists’ pieces explore the intersection between art and money.” —Downtown Express

••• Vogueing as fitness: “Jason Rodriguez, a.k.a. Slim Ninja, who had a supporting role in [the TV show] ‘Pose,’ is teaching students of all levels on Wednesday nights at Gibney Dance Center’s downtown location, 280 Broadway, for $17 a class.” —New York Times

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  1. “Unwarranted honking and stationary food-truck jingles produced the biggest spikes in noise. Both sources are illegal in New York City.”

    So why aren’t the laws enforced?

  2. The fat Russian sewer sludge has his lawyer send letters to attorneys representing restaurants and other businesses and it’s always b.s. I work for one of them and the fat slob should be deported and his lawyer disbarred. Been going on many years.

  3. Why isn’t the scammer forced to pay back all the “settlements” with interest?

  4. Slim Ninja is great! Wow.