Seen & Heard: Is Barnes & Noble Closing at Year End?

••• A manager at Bed Bath & Beyond told a reader that Tribeca’s Barnes & Noble will close this December, and that BB&B is considering the space for one of its sister brands, such as Buy Buy Baby or Cost Plus World Market. I haven’t been able to corroborate it, though, so take it with a grain of salt. Barnes & Noble moved into that space at 270 Greenwich in November of 2007.

••• While I was poking around online about 270 Greenwich, I discovered that the GameStop storefront on Greenwich is being  marketed for possession in February. (Rendering below.)

••• Untitled Gallery on Lispenard is soliciting proposals for a solo exhibition. There’s a $50 fee to apply; is that normal?

••• Black Burger is trying something new.

••• I’m not sure this store on Mulberry Street nailed its name.



  1. If Barnes and Noble leaves does that make the Mysterious Bookshop the only book store left in Tribeca? No where to buy kids books then?

    • “Fake news” is a term being used by the government to discredit the media as dishonest—as if the media is making stuff up to show the president, and others, in a bad light. I don’t think that’s what you mean here—B&N’s possible closing is something someone heard from someone in the know, but it’s unverifiable (and labeled as such)—so I’m trying not take offense. But it’s a struggle.

  2. I don’t know about B&N, but Gamestop is out at the end of the year. RKF has it up for lease.

  3. Horrible news about b&n

  4. Go and support the BN. I think this is just a rumor but its never too late to show support. We need bookstores in this world of “Fake News” .There are good people working there that have read stories to most of our kids and helped us numerous times through the years.

  5. I used to work at B& back around 2000…in those days we were the bad guys, putting small, independent bookstores out of business. I guess that’s karma…what goes around, comes around. Hard to feel much sympathy for the Riggios, though – they were ruthless SOBs.

  6. For sure B & N was murder for the small book seller but I plead with my neighbors to NOT take BPCrez advice and buy your books through Amazon…get a little exercise people. It is good for the brain and the soul…

  7. definitely books for older kids at Mysterious Bookshop