In the News: Recreating El Internacional

••• El Internacional, the art restaurant that predated El Teddy’s at 219 W. Broadway, was recreated as a site-specific installation at the Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires. According to Loqueva (translated by Google), El Internacional “is an artistic project and social experiment that took place in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, New York from 1984 to 1986. During this time, the restaurant served as a space for the bold exploration of transcultural and transdisciplinary aesthetics, merging contexts of contemporary art and cuisine. It became an iconic symbol of the New York of the 1980s, a decade in which nightlife and epicurean were placed in the same context as the visual and performing arts, a fusion that finally defined that time and space. Miralda and El Internacional were at the center of this vanguard moment in which artists did not distinguish between disciplines, but were more interested in creating platforms for social interaction and lived experience, leading the way for the current spirit of the facilities of immersive and participatory art.” Photo by Peter Aaron.

••• A Brisbane Times profile of Two Hands and Bluestone Lane says that Two Hands owners Giles Russell and Henry Roberts “are ‘actively searching’ for a third venue.” (I don’t get Bluestone Lane’s popularity at all. The coffee is mediocre.)

••• “The universal language of dance and its ability to heal and uplift us is the theme of Moving Stories, a remarkable new film about dancers from the Tribeca-based Battery Dance Company who travel halfway around the world to teach at-risk young people.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Permits have been pre-filed a 35-story mixed-use high rise at 185 Broadway [….] The 404-foot tall structure will yield 242,000 square feet, with 37,240 square feet dedicated to commercial use, and 164,600 square feet for residential use. 279 apartments will be created, averaging 600 square feet apiece, indicating relatively affordable rentals. Retail shops will occupy the cellar to the second floor, with a health club occupying the third, fourth, and fifth floors. Two floors of amenities for shared use will crown the structure.” It’s on the west side of Broadway, between Dey and Cortlandt.—YIMBY