A Smoothie Bar Is Opening Here

A smoothie bar called Lyfeping, not to to be confused (I think) with the health-management tool, is opening at 107 Chambers, in the storefront next to Tribeca Health & Fitness. This appears to be the first outpost, and they’re shooting to be ready by tomorrow, said a worker.

According to the website, 10 percent of all income from the store will go to charities based in the neighborhood: “We’ve partnered up with Little Essentials to provide baby and toddler essentials for families, and with Charity Water, which digs wells and supplies water to refugee areas across the world.”

Here’s more about what to expect, along with the menu:

All our smoothies are made from the purest ingredients on Earth, that means organic, not genetically modified, no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no prepared outside juices. Fiber, antioxidants, leafy greens, and the rainbow assortment of fruits, and superfoods, in every drink. Each smoothie is prepared with a mix of fruits and vegetables, with a special superfood ingredient. ​That means every time you drink a smoothie or eat a superfood bowl you are taking in pure goodness for your wellness.

Most smoothies have over 40, oftentimes over 50 grams of sugar in one drink, even the ones you make at home. That is way too much sugar! Considering the American Nutrition Guidelines recommend no more than 50 grams for the average adult in a whole day! At Lyfeping, we’ve made each smoothie and acai bowl with just around 20 grams of sugar or less! That’s half the amount you’ll get anywhere else—that is totally revolutionary in the smoothie industry today.

Just about everything here is homemade, on site. We even make our own almond milk and coconut milk, fresh, every day, right in this store.