FitHouse Is Opening in Tribeca

The new fitness chain FitHouse has leased the former ICE NYC studio downstairs at 93 Worth. From the announcement released by broker Cushman & Wakefield: “Founded by serial French tech entrepreneurs Ben Chemla and Clément Benoit, FitHouse offers an innovative approach to boutique group fitness classes offering an unlimited variety of workout classes, taught by New York’s top instructors, for a flat fee of $99 per month.”

According to a New York Post article in February, “As part of its fast-paced expansion, FitHouse will use so-called shotgun leases—extremely flexible arrangements that allow the landlord or the studio to cancel with a 60- or 90-day notice.” (UPDATE 8/3: “FitHouse is no longer doing those shotgun leases,” says a rep for the broker. “This lease in Tribeca is a long-term lease.”) The first location is on Broadway at Washington Place, and a second gym at W. 14th Street and Fifth Avenue is under construction. The Tribeca gym is shooting to open in early fall.