Seen & Heard: Another New Barbershop

••• Maintaining the Woolworth Building sure is an uphill battle.

••• On August 7, Community Board 1 and Tribeca Alliance will host the OATH Commissioner’s Community Roundtable, “which will inform the community about ways to fight parking tickets.” It’s free; register here.

••• From Tribecan Sonia Martin: “A colleague and I are hosting a first-of-its-kind Fabric and Trend Inspiration Show targeted at the fashion industry. We have 16 exhibitors and we are expecting over 200 guests at the 68 White Street location.” It’s August 8 and 9, and there’s info on the participants here (along with a link to RSVP).

••• It appears that the former World of Gold N Diamond jewelry shop at the southeast corner of Church and Duane will be RazzleDazzle Men’s Grooming. It could be part of this South Florida chain.

••• Meanwhile, Remington says that the Laight Street storefront at 165 Hudson will indeed be a hair salon (a higher-end one than RazzleDazzle, I think it’s fair to assume).

••• There’s a new store on Grand worth checking out: Ben’s Garden, which used to have two stores on Long Island. There’s home merchandise and decoupage—and you can even get custom decoupage. It’s between Thompson and W. Broadway.



  1. Bens Garden is a direct knockoff of John Derain on 2nd street. John pioneered these decoupage home items and has a small business run he personally runs- Bens Garden is a shameless copycat Long Island version. I don’t patronize knockoffs whenever possible but when it threatens to put a creative small business owner at risk I go out of my way the thwart the copycat.
    This new shop is exactly what Tribeca should not be about.

    • I like John Derian as much as anyone, and certainly Ben’s owes no small debt to him. (And Derian’s work is definitely more sophisticated.) But there’s a lot more in the store beyond decoupage (which Derian hardly invented). And I don’t believe Derian does custom decoupage.

    • We all know who Ben’s Garden and John Darien are; I’m sure in the small circle they work in their work and depth and breadth of Collection Shirley keep them cordial it’s not friendly. However Ben of Ben’s Garden Is a good 20 years John’s junior. Been started his thriving Ben’s Garden businesses on Long Island when he was just 12 years old, each has earned his own merit and your post is shamelessly in poor taste Allison. Decoupage just one of the hundreds of items that Ben’s Garden designs (woah) and produces a New York City (wow), in addition the store sells thousands of other items to create a complete lifestyle- I’d suggest you introduce yourself to Ben’s Garden to learn more. Allison instead of knocking people down launch your support people who work building businesses in lower Manhattan.

    • Bully. How can you not going entrepreneur who is 34 years old? Get a better hobby than trolling the web.

  2. You should dig in on this new hair salon and it’s background of “dazzlers”
    Fits right in to tribeca !!!

  3. Sorry but the images John Derian uses are not his own so there’s nothing original about his Découpage.