A Pretzel Chain Is Opening Here

The Philly Pretzel Factory chain is opening in the former By Suzette space at 86 Chambers, reports the Commercial Observer. The chain has around 180 restaurants in the country, including one on Staten Island and one on the way in Harlem. (It plans to have as many as 25 in the city.) The menu includes items such as Pretzel Dog, a Pretzel Cheesesteak, and a Pepperoni Pretzel Melt.



  1. Yes! Finally we might be able to get decent pretzels in NYC.
    (At least i hope these are good).

  2. They are really really good within the first 30-60 minutes and then fall off until the next day you have a rock.

  3. I heard those pretzels are amazing. Excited for new options for snacking. Food has become boring lately…

  4. It’s so surprising to see something cyclical–there used to be a Philly pretzel place right around the corner from Chambers on Greenwich, I thought!