Seen & Heard: Dig Inn Delay

••• The new exhibit in City Hall Park, Kitchen Trees by B. Wurtz, consists of five “trees” made with kitchen utensils and fake vegetalia positioned around the fountain. I’m going to hold out hope that they move in the breeze, if we ever have a breeze again.

••• The Dig Inn on Greenwich evidently won’t be opening for another two weeks.

••• L’Arte del Gelato, which has a cart outside Whole Foods, seems to have put out a press release that says it also has a cart outside the Oculus. (I don’t see the release anywhere on its site, but it showed up in random outlets like the website for a radio station in San Diego.) I wonder whether the folks at Grom are annoyed by this—you’d think it’d cannibalize their business.

••• The Nue Co., which sells nutritional supplements, is opening at 345 W. Broadway (between Broom and Grand). Alternatively, you could try eating widely and healthily, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep.

••• And a couple of doors down, Yakiniku Futago appears to be opening at 341 W. Broadway, where Hogar Dulce Hogar was. There was a notice for a liquor-license hearing posted for FTG Company USA, which has the same phone number as the Yakiniku Futago on W. 17th Street. “Yakiniku, in Japanese, means to barbecue! The owners of Futago were born as twin brothers in Osaka, the most popular city for yakiniku in Japan. Futago means ‘twins’ in Japanese. Establishing their first Futago restaurant in the year of 2010 in Tokyo, we developed a unique ‘Futago style’ concept, which is selecting the best quality meats and serving it at half the portion and price, compared to all the other BBQ restaurants.” (The company is trying to have it both ways: On Instagram posts, they use a ton of hashtags like #koreankitchen, #koreanstyle, and #koreancuisine.)