Valentine No. 65

For the eighth summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see the previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

By this time every summer, Mother Nature starts reclaiming what’s rightly hers—grass sprouts in between cobblestones, plants creep out of draining grates, weeds take advantage of cracks in the sidewalk. It’s a little unkempt and totally fabulous. Sometimes I wish it could continue until all of the concrete is gone.



  1. Wonderful post, we need more green!

  2. In the 1970’s and early ’80s, the many vacant lots in Tribeca were grassy wildflower fields. When they became parking lots, I missed the beautiful intrusion of nature everywhere. Then I became nostalgic for the parking lots, when big buildings replaced them.

  3. love this – you’re a great noticer of stuff!