Seen & Heard: Pig Roast

••• Why does Sean Patrick Maloney keep spamming my cell phone with texts about a campaign fundraiser in Chelsea? Am I the only one getting these? (My first response was much less nice.)

••• On Monday, the Downtown Alliance sent out an email about this event on Tuesday night: “NYPD’s 1st Precinct and Neighborhood Coordination Officers invite you to join them for their Build The Block Neighborhood Policing & Safety Meeting tomorrow, August 14, at P.S. 89 (201 Warren) at 6:30 p.m. A Q & A session identifying and solving quality of life issues and other community concerns will be held.” Sorry I wasn’t able to pass it along in time. A suggestion for the 1st Precinct: Reach out to local news outlets, and with a bit more notice.

••• Chef Marc Murphy is hosting a pig roast buffet at Landmarc on August 22. (Tickets are $125, which includes beer and wine.) No longer a restaurant, the space has an interesting business model these days: It’s rentable for traditional parties, but also by organizers of events who charge for admission (including Murphy himself, as above).

••• And another Downtown Alliance email mentions that a co-working space/social club/hotel opened at 17 John: “The Assemblage is more than just a place to get some sleep. The hotel offers an in-house co-working space and focuses on mind, body and spirit. Elixirs, organic food, yoga rooms and meditation space are available to guests.”

••• Press release from the Seaport District: “The Seaport Food Lab—the Seaport District’s experiential hub for today’s leading culinary visionaries—celebrates its second year by bringing female creativity to the forefront. This year features the skills of pioneering women chefs from across the world, ranging from butchery to baking. Eight resident chefs will participate in hosting a series of gastronomic exhibitions over the course of six weeks, each telling their unique story about the contributions they have made through varying culinary innovations and techniques.” The schedule is here.



  1. Unfortunately, politicos think texting is a good thing:

    “There’s no question that texting is the breakout tech of 2018.”

  2. I know it’s frustrating to get spam like this on your phone (and not feel like you can block it)…but you can..just go into phone–>settings–> and you should be able to block this number. If you’re receiving a ton of texts from his campaign office from different numbers..than you may be SOL.

  3. I feel sorry for the poor pig.