Seen & Heard: Is Taylor Swift Looking to Expand Her Holdings?

••• The Franklin Street subway station has been Aretha-ed.

••• Here’s a rumor that should surprise no one: Taylor Swift is said to be interested in the commercial space at 155 Franklin, where the Imagination ad agency used to be. (Another rumor that goes down easy: Imagination left because it was sick of Swift’s fans.) Given how much she overpaid for that second-floor unit, whoever owns the commercial space should drive a hard bargain.

••• “The plastic on the Cast Iron House penthouse didn’t survive the recent rains,” reports P.

••• The Tribeca Film Festival will be April 24 to May 5.

••• August 22 and 23 at Brookield Place: “The US Open Experience brings the excitement of the Open from Queens to Manhattan! Two free days of tennis activities featuring a full-size tennis court, big screens, and photo opportunities with the US Open trophies. 2017 US Open Champions Rafael Nadal and Sloane Stephens will attend the Live US Open Draw unveiling along with other past and present players over the course of the two days.”



  1. What is happening with the Cast Iron House?
    It seems to be on hold.

  2. I am glad to see an Aretha tribute related to Franklin Street. I remember after Prince’s death someone bought a several sets of balloons spelling out PRINCE and put them on the street signs at (you guessed it) Prince St. If I could figure out how to make them stay I’d venture to Balloon Saloon and buy a bunch.

  3. The cast iron house went from sad to now downright dangerous. If the tarps fall, which they could — that’s a hazard.

  4. Looks like the developer is in over his head. Hopefully they will be able to complete the project. I haven’t seen anyone working over there in a while.