Seen & Heard: Store Closure at Brookfield Place

••• Last week, when the completion of 111 Murray was prematurely reported, a rep for the building insisted that what I thought was a rendering (top) was actually a photo. The second photo is from yesterday morning. I couldn’t replicate the angle perfectly—perhaps they used a drone—but I find it hard/impossible to believe that substantial post-production work wasn’t done to the image. The building just doesn’t look like that.

••• “Not sure if you’ve been along West Street lately,” reports D., “but Topview Sightseeing bus has a stop at Chambers and West, and the crowd had been getting continually worse. The picture below is from [Wednesday] at about 5:15 p.m. They crowd up the entire sidewalk and what you can’t see in this picture is that the line goes all the way to Chambers. Even when the line has been shorter, they tend to queue up in a way that blocks the entire sidewalk. Nightmare!” If the sign they’re standing near doesn’t specifically mention the company, you can lodge a complaint with 311 and see what happens. Or better yet, email the DOT commissioner for Manhattan.

••• K. reports that the Diane von Furstenberg store at Brookfield Place has closed.

••• Five of the unknown photos in this week’s Then and Now post have been solved by Robert Ripps and James (just one name, like Cher). This is one of the locations:

••• From A.: “They seem to have replaced the window-washing system at 1 World Trade Center with a new permanent system. They were testing it [yesterday] morning.”

••• Ever wanted to design a better garbage can?



  1. Topview is a nightmare. It has been taking my express bus an hour to get from Thomas Street to the Battery Tunnel every night, all because their busses block traffic along Broadway. Add that to the stupidity at the Battery Tunnel – where the traffic people allow vehicles coming from underneath the FDR underpass to proceed to West Strrert and the Tunnel, while holding traffic coming from Broadway/Battery Place back for at least three lights. Pray that no emergency vehicles need to get down Broadway from Chambers to the Battery during the evening rush.

  2. Does anyone know if Topview needs a permit to have a stop at Chambers and West?

    • I looked yesterday and it seems like they have permission to be there. The bus stop includes a sign for topview sightseeing pick up and drop off.