Seen & Heard: A New Wine Bar on Leonard

••• Thanks to S. for this photo of the truck that fell into a vault below the sidewalk across from 11 Greene (at Canal). When the signs say “hollow sidewalk,” don’t park there!

••• “Large stages and lots of equipment setup on the floor of the World Trade Center mall when I walked through today,” reports J. I noticed them, too, but J. actually asked: “Rumor from a store worker that a portion of the MTV Video Music Awards will originate from there. Live or pre-record? We will see if it is true on Monday night, I guess.” UPDATE 8/20: Sandra says Nicki Minaj is performing there.

••• Meanwhile, over at Peck Slip, K. emailed about a huge climbing dome: “At the moment there’s a guy doing some American Ninja moves at the top. With no net!”

••• I hear that a wine bar is opening in the former B Dry salon in 88 Leonard, but that’s all I hear. Anyone know more?

••• The entrance to 111 Murray is open, but the sidewalk that leads to it, from West Street, ends at the entrance, where you’re dumped out onto the pavement mid-block.

••• Kaffe 1668 South is getting some work done; the counter has temporarily been moved to the spot where the table was. (Please let them dust the pipes and fans on the ceiling while they’re taking the trouble….) I think the sign said they’d be done by Monday.


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