An Italian Food Hall Is Opening at Broadway and Canal

I have it on good authority that a lease has been signed for the wonderful—and neglected—Art Moderne building at 415 Broadway, built in 1927 as the headquarters of the First National City Bank of New York and most recently the site of a Duane Reade. I don’t know who has rented it, but the plan is to open an Italian food hall. Like Eataly, and unlike Canal Street Market, the owner will operate all the vendors. (If you know anything more about the project, please share it: Email or text 917-209-6473.)

This has the potential to dramatically change the flavor of Canal Street. Also in the works for that general area: The Walker Hotel Tribeca, under conversion a block away at Broadway and Walker; a new eight-story office building at 419-421 Broadway (northwest corner of Canal); an eight-story building at 312-322 Canal (mid-block between Broadway and Church); and 11 Greene, the seven-story condominium under construction at the northwest corner of Canal.



  1. Finally a taker for that beautiful building!
    Sounds very promising.

    Let’s hope all these developments put an end to the counterfeit bazaar also.

  2. Fingers crossed this actually happens. It has the potential to transform that corner for the good. It seems the police have succeeded in chasing away the open air counterfeit handbag market…but this Sunday it seems to have just moved to the even more crowded side of Broadway.

  3. The counterfeit sellers there are the worst. The police don’t do anything about them either.

  4. The counterfeit sellers leave garbage that blows all over Lispenard. It would be nice to see them gone.

  5. Who finds the increased police activity in recent months to clean up the counterfeit seller situation a nicely timed ‘coincidence’ with this announcement…!

  6. That building is part of NY history and I’m so glad they’re not building ANOTHER residential mess. It would be nice if they put up photos about the building and what the area was like back then.

  7. Here’s a photo from when the building was new. It used to have a few steps up to the main entrance:

  8. Any further news on the food hall project? I couldn’t find any news on a quick web search…

  9. I noticed activity there today….workers going in and out, a few people inside with laptops, and so on.
    Anyone know more?

  10. Any updates on the Italian food hall?

  11. I walked by here the other day and there seems to be some sort of retail shop(s) inside now. Didn’t have time to go in. Any idea what happened to the Italian food hall idea? Is whatever is there now just a temporary situation?

    At least the building is being used, and will hopefully be better maintained as a result.

    • Thanks for the tip — I called the realtors several times but didn’t get anywhere. Will go by to see what’s up!

      • Thank you for looking into it….

        Also, if you are “walking” by, it looks the Walker Hotel is close to opening…? At any rate the scaffolding is down, although I don’t know if the interior is anywhere near ready.

        • At the end of May they said they were still aiming for a summer opening and said they would get me more info this month. Stay tuned!