First Look Inside the Hotel at 456 Greenwich

When developer Barone Management’s web page about the 96-room hotel under construction at 456 Greenwich showed up in my Google alert, I was most interested to see that “the hotel is expected to open in 2021.” (It also says that the official groundbreaking was in December of 2018, but that’s a typo; it was 2017.) And then I realized that there were a bunch of drawings of the interior. It’s entirely possible that these are extremely preliminary drawings, but they’re awfully detailed to have no basis in reality….

According to Barone, the hotel will include “three fine dining outlets with banquet space, private dining rooms, the largest screening room in lower Manhattan, a private members club, a rooftop swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool, and a full-service spa. Upon completion, this property will be one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City.” The website for DPW Holdings, an investor in the project, mentions only a single restaurant-with-bar and says that “plans may also include a private member club.” (Italics mine.) DPW also states that there will be “a 1,500-square-foot interior courtyard.”

For those of you just tuning in, I’ve thrown in some more exterior renderings at the bottom.



  1. How smooth the cobblestones look in those outdoor renderings!

  2. I heard there is a top Osaka-based steak house planning a US location on Greenwich St. Wondering if they will be one of the restaurants in the new hotel.

  3. Anyone who is as put off as I was by the Signage and tone of the new barbershop should call and complain to the people who rented to these obnoxious clowns: United American Land
    They can be reached at 212 431 7500
    At least we might get a more subdued corner neighbor. Or a more discreet banner. This is not Las Vegas

  4. Barone Trump?

  5. So, is the “Hotel” still under construction now. 1/30/2019

  6. Stop work orders were just lifted. Don’t expect completion prior to 2021.