The Future of 111 Church

It has been a year since a six-alarm fire tore through 111 Church, with work at the building visible only sporadically. The Department of Buildings said that the building was not condemned, but it may be getting demolished anyway. I hear from a source in the real-estate industry that the building is in talks to be sold, and that most people looking at it think it makes the most sense as a teardown. The question, them is how tall a new building in that spot could be. Presumably it would max out along the lines of 30 Warren and 108 Chambers, up the street—around 10 stories, depending on whether it has air rights or can acquire them from a neighbor.



  1. sure, why not…it’s just a magnificent remnant of a time before the Civil War – no reason not to destroy it in a matter of days, erase our city’s history and throw up something entirely anonymous.

  2. The building is an eyesore. Good riddance.

  3. Of course it will be torn down. It is the only old building left in this stretch of Church St. Short sited but profitable.