Seen & Heard: Dig Inn Opening Date

••• I still find the Department of Transportation’s choice to paint the FDR Drive lavender to be mystifying. And it makes me worry what they’ll do to the Brooklyn Bridge ramps…. UPDATE 8/30: “The State DOT picked/painted the FDR color,” said Hannah. “The Brooklyn Bridge is managed by the city DOT so I think it’s safe.”

••• The Mayor’s Office for Media & Entertainment gave “Blue Bloods” permission to take over the parking on two blocks of N. Moore even though the shoot was down in Battery Park City.

••• B. spotted a tweet from Dig Inn announcing its opening date.

••• During the Asphalt Green pool closure, I swam a couple of times at the Battery Park City Parks Community Center at Stuyvesant High School. (I think that’s really its full name.) Nice pool, but someone needs to insist that the lifeguard not stare at his phone the entire time. Anyway, I noticed this memento in the Stuyvesant lobby. That would be the mission before the fatal explosion.

••• There are always workers coming in and out of the retail space at 56 Leonard, so I thought maybe it had been leased, but it appears not. If anyone out there contacts the broker about the space, see if you can find out when the Anish Kapoor sculpture is coming.



  1. When I belonged to BMCC pool I said something because the lifeguards would be eating breakfast. Also, not related but I just walked by Macaron Cafe on Greenwich and it’s closed.

  2. I love the lavender under the FDR, it’s a welcome addition to really make the East Side of the island come alive. I’ve lived in FiDi for almost 5 years and the whole stretch under the FDR always was horrible, especially given how beautiful the West Side of Lower Manhattan is and has been for some time. Lavender seems like an odd choice at first, but from a color perspective it’s essentially just grey, it won’t fade or wear like let’s say white or yellow would. It also has a massive added benefit in brightening the entire area under the highway since it reflects a ton of light. It was a really smart choice on their part and I commend them for making the bold choice regardless of if it’s popular or not.

  3. The lavender color was used first on the East River Esplanade project back in 2011. The SHoP Architects’ design only had a strip of the FDR that faced the water using the “almost purple”. I guess they decided to carry it further.