Everafter’s Sister Brand for Adults Is Opening in Tribeca

When the kids’ clothing store Everafter and its sister brand for adults, The Westside, started using 101 Reade for back-of-house operations, I thought we might be getting a Westside shop in Tribeca. (There are others uptown, on Long Island, and in Santa Monica, along with a Hamptons pop-up.) And we are, but it’s not on Reade: It’s taking the southern half of Everafter at 349 Greenwich. The two stores will have separate entrance but be connected inside, so adults can shop with their children.

Both Everafter and the Westside are founded by Haro Keledjian and Sari Sloane Keledjian, former owners of Intermix. From the Westside website: “The Westside is a California inspired boutique, with a laid back luxury feel and collection of womenswear, menswear, accessories, beauty, apothecary, and home goods. The Westside is for the modern man and woman that love style but want to dress comfortably. The curated assortment is all about denim, T-shirts, sweats, and cashmere for your everyday style.” The Tribeca boutique is shooting to open around September 10. Stay tuned….


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  1. If I hear the word “curated” one more time outside of the Whitney, Tate Modern, or Artists Space, I will scream. What, the proprietor has a master’s degree in art history, or is it denim?