Seen & Heard: The Ghost at Woodrow’s

••• Opening tomorrow at Hal Bromm Gallery: Desde New York, works by Luis Frangella and David Wojnarowicz. “The exhibition explains how the synergy of these two artists and their circle of friends influenced the 1980s contemporary art world. As artistic collaborators and close friends, Frangella and Wojnarowicz shared a unique relationship as mentor and protege. Both artists died tragically of AIDS in the early nineties, but left rich bodies of work as a testament to their lives. Today the dialogue between their works transcends geographical, political and cultural boundaries and allows us to revisit the creative forces whose lives were extinguished by the still ongoing AIDS crisis.” Below: Wojnarowicz’s “Untitled (To Luis From David).”

••• The new storefront at 81 Warren looks nice.

••• Empire Luggage at 414 Broadway has put up “store closing signs.”

••• “Billions” or “Ray Donovan” is shooting the W. Broadway/Warren area on Wednesday and/or Thursday.

••• I didn’t know that Woodrow’s has a ghost. “Typically people just get a glimpse of him sitting at the end of the bar but he spends most of his time downstairs in the Lounge,” said owner Erin Garmont. “He’s known to slam doors when bartenders are closing for the night and also likes to break things and then turn on TVs. He’s also been helpful and fixed lights that are broken. Everyone here gets to know Frank in their own way and eventually have their own story about him. Stand in the Lounge long enough and the hair on the back of your next stands up when he’s around. If you’re the first one in, better say, ‘Hi, Frank. Be nice today,’ and the day always goes smoothly. Sounds crazy but everyone at Woodrow’s just agrees, Frank is Frank and he’s around!”